The Pentecostal Young People's Association (PYPA), the youth wing of IPC, was founded in 1947 by a few Pentecostal college students from U.C. College , Alwaye and Maharaja's College, Trivandrum . It was created for the development of social, mental, cultural, and above all, spiritual development of Pentecostal youths. All born again youths can become members of this organization. Its motto is “SAVED TO SERVE” and its aim is the evangelization of the world. It's with this aim in mind that each member should serve the PYPA, using whatever talents God has given. PYPA serves as a medium for co-operation and friendship with other Pentecostal youth organizations. Also, this organization is expected to do social service, help in times of natural calamities, disasters, publish newsletters, magazines, books, tracts and to conduct youth meetings, seminars, conventions, Sunday school activities. From a humble beginning, the work spread to almost all the states of India and to countries outside of India . Now there are more than 3,000 branches around the world, including Arabian Gulf countries, the USA , U.K and Australia .

Although the IPC Eastern Region churches had active youth departments and organized youth seminars and other programs during its Eastern Region conventions early on, an official Region PYPA was not formed until January 4,1997. Though still in the infant stages, God has helped us come this far. We believe we have a future in this land. With your continued prayer, support and encouragement, we know , we will be able to impact our youths. Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.